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Prodige by Terence :Terry:

Touches de mixage

Prodige was born from the idea that we all have a gift, that must be brought to light.

Throughout our lives, we experience events, encounters, transitions, and accelerations, these upheavals and changes can cause us to diminish our capacities.

Following a long immersion in the world of Deejaying and musical production, I discovered shortly after how satisfying it was to give, transmit and carry out artistic projects: mine, those of others, to give birth to new concepts, musical ideas and creations, to new record labels, and in fact, to access new ways of communication through an industry where it is sometimes complicated to get his own space.

Prodige was born to study the theories of mixing and sound creation through key points, which I have largely personalized and simplified.

But it was also born with a sincere desire to restore importance and value to artists, exploited or lost in this ocean plenty of weird information.


    Curriculum & Workshop 

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